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OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote : Fix merged to kolla-ansible (stable/xena)

Submitter: "Zuul (22348)"
Branch: stable/xena

commit 6ff882c1492900f484256d788012d15a694eeb32
Author: Piotr Parczewski <email address hidden>
Date: Mon May 16 18:07:29 2022 +0200

    Fix AlertManager's external web url

    Remove hard-coded internal address; introduce variable to control
    external web url.

    Closes-bug: #1972817
    Change-Id: Ib834a9f8b4a0238960dca65b2ebc1da840cec626
    (cherry picked from commit 61ff6f811abfc96045230e9f6b09f1e9c59e5432)