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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 14d3e268a05265db53b5cfd19d9a85a3ba73a271
Author: silvacarloss <email address hidden>
Date: Wed May 8 14:49:51 2019 -0300

    Add share network with multiple subnets

    This patch adds the possibility to create share networks with
    multiple subnets in Manila. It also updates the share server api
    to receive "share_network_subnet_id" instead of "share_network_id".

    Each share network subnet must be associated with only one
    availability zone. Each share network must have a single default
    share network subnet.

    Depends-On: I13bb48e7c03e16c26946ccf9d48e80592391a3d1
    Partially-implements: bp share-network-multiple-subnets
    Change-Id: Id8814a8b26c9b9dcb1fe71d0d7e9b79e8b8a9210
    Closes-Bug: #1588144
    Co-Authored-By: lseki <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: dviroel <email address hidden>