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Fuel Devops McRobotson (fuel-devops-robot) wrote : Fix merged to fuel-infra/jenkins-jobs (master)

Submitter: Dmitry Kaigarodsev <email address hidden>
Branch: master

Commit: cf890af5f252a2acda7b86c97b21aff364f14942
Author: Dmitry Kaigarodsev <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Mar 15 09:21:10 2016

Fixed 'verify-fuel-ui-on-fuel-web' job:

- trigger-on branch settings set to 'master'
- branch-compare-type settings set to 'PLAIN'

Change-Id: I175ef0ce771850d8407a0d6df422c51509160215
Closes-Bug: #1555696