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Fuel Devops McRobotson (fuel-devops-robot) wrote : Fix merged to openstack/nova (9.0/mitaka)

Submitter: Pkgs Jenkins <email address hidden>
Branch: 9.0/mitaka

Commit: 8ce07e486446b63f0cf1a63a561dd4c0b53c9592
Author: Wenzhi Yu <>
Date: Fri Jun 3 14:21:55 2016

Make compute rpcapi 'live_migration' backward compatible

This commit[1] added compute rpcapi version 4.2 which introduced a new
argument 'migration' when calling 'live_migration' method, but the code
did not ensure the backward compatibility with older version compute

When calling 'live_migration' method with 'migration' argument on older
version(like Kilo) of nova compute node, a "TypeError: live_migration()
got an unexpected keyword argument 'migration'" will be threw up.


Closes-Bug: #1576053

(cherry picked from commit 34b8336a41e2896f0639c402f64a05247f475fea)
Change-Id: Ie5c498d34e7c4c6573d611abd592c25f1bcb4f44