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Dmitrii (dsivaev) wrote :

Log file, attached to the previous comment, is for the Glance image named "ost1_test-snapshot-64334680".

But, after a second run of that test CLI command "glance image-show" become useless:
# glance image-show ost1_test-snapshot-64334680
404 Not Found: No image found with ID ost1_test-snapshot-64334680 (HTTP 404)

But I still can check image's info using Horizon:
Image Details: ost1_test-snapshot-64334680
Image Overview
Name ost1_test-snapshot-64334680
ID 23eca076-fcf7-40b9-982f-f79b7d9edcba
Owner f46d54cad5a3488193d7ca4d649e54e1
Status Active
Public No
Protected No
Checksum 7a17095ed1ddc0ce5a0f62e068a9641a
Created July 22, 2016, 7:58 p.m.
Updated July 22, 2016, 8:01 p.m.

Size 39.2 MB
Container Format BARE
Disk Format RAW
Min RAM 64MB

Custom Properties
base_image_ref c9df4f1c-8b94-47e4-b5b0-4dc29ce7ed73
image_location snapshot
image_state available
image_type snapshot
instance_uuid 54bf0786-f153-4f2d-868d-221997230caa
owner_id f46d54cad5a3488193d7ca4d649e54e1
user_id 034dd5f68d354667bd9c355f1e2f8d04