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OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote : Fix merged to python-novaclient (master)

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit eaf1e56b210c94e7d26ca99b5931f3688cef984c
Author: Matt Riedemann <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Sep 2 17:05:46 2015 -0700

    Update path to subunit2html in post_test_hook


    The location of subunit2html changed on the images in the gate
    so update the path used in the post_test_hook.

    Long-term we should just use what's in devstack-gate.

    Change-Id: I5e50e7d7ad845aba26403df1df412c0a139a6dc7
    Closes-Bug: #1491646

    squashed with:

    Don't pass null device when attaching a volume

    The v2.1 API schema rejects null device values in an
    os-volume_attachments request, so only include the device in the request
    if one is specified on the command line.

    Closes-Bug: #1491325

    Change-Id: I4fa4019f19f9af6ff350db2fb6e524fa8570a6f3