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Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 8ae54d6e9bf95eaaf651b7f57a08e51709896c5c
Author: john-griffith <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 9 11:29:05 2013 -0700

    Add wait for resource deletion on volume teardown

    The teardown routines in some of the tests were not
    waiting for verification that the volume was actually deleted.
    As a result it's easy to intermittently hit a case where we run
    out of space for volume create in the following tests.

    This patch just adds a resource_deletion check/wait after
    each volume delete operation to make sure we don't get ahead
    of ourselves.

    Change-Id: I47f9ad2b8e6f79348c3d6188da3c24af0c6fe5d4
    Fixes: bug 1092689