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OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote : Fix merged to tempest (master)

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit cc939612b3aaff0acbe51e2175cd39b9c080f858
Author: Miguel Lavalle <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Feb 22 17:27:20 2013 -0600

    Update to v2 of Quantum API

    Fixes bugs in the test suite that prevents
    Jenkins gate-tempest-devstack-vm-quantum-full to execute succesfully. The
    problem was that the test suite was using v1 of the Quantum API, which
    according to the "Quantum API Guide (V2.0)" has been removed from the code
    base. Please see note at bottom of:

    The test suite was patched to use operations supported by v2 of the Quantum
    API. This required patches in the following files:

    1) tempest.common.rest_client was patched to provide the correct end-point for
    v2 of the Quantum API

    2) was patched to support create,
    delete, list and show operations for the 3 basic abstractions offered by the
    Quantum API: networks, sub-networks and ports

    3) was patched to create a network and a subnetwork
    using v2 Quantum API operations.

    4) was patched to invoke v2 Quantum API
    operations. Individual tests invoking obsolete operations were eliminated

    Fixes bug 1131458
    Fixes bug 1159229

    Change-Id: I320c46f2a42d8fd9dbfd496e8f357e21eb1c9259