Running a non-existing command in the background causes exit

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bash (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: gnome-terminal

In Ubuntu 8.04, running a command which does not exist can sometimes cause an exit command. Here is an example cut and pasted when gnome-terminal is set to "stay open on exit".

richard@sepulchrave:~$ gedit test &
[1] 13336
richard@sepulchrave:~$ gdit test &
[2] 13340
richard@sepulchrave:~$ exit

Other times the exit will not happen but the command will return an Exit 127 status.

richard@sepulchrave:~$ gdit test &
[1] 13403
richard@sepulchrave:~$ bash: gdit: command not found

[1]+ Exit 127 gdit test
richard@sepulchrave:~$ gdit test &
[1] 13405
richard@sepulchrave:~$ exit

Package is
  Installed: 2.22.1-0ubuntu2
  Candidate: 2.22.1-0ubuntu2
  Version table:
 *** 2.22.1-0ubuntu2 0
        500 hardy/main Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

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Richard G. Clegg (richard-richardclegg) wrote :

Sorry -- looking further I think this may be an issue with command_not_found_handler not gnome-terminal at all.

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Dariusz B. Tefelski (tefelski) wrote :

I confirm.

When you try using xterm - it behaves alike, however it more frequently works without crash - it prints new pid and after a while it prints bash: gdit: command not found. It does not return to prompt - you need to press enter and then it prints Exit 127.

 gdit &
[1] 6733
darek@spectrum:~$ bash: gdit: polecenie nieodnalezione

[1]+ Exit 127 gdit
darek@spectrum:~$ gdit &

I found that gnome-terminal works sometimes without crash - if you try run some non-existent commands without ampersand and then try it with ampersand it does not crash.

Maybe it is some buffer issue? And I have seen 'exit' in closing xterm.

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Yung-Chin Oei (yungchin) wrote :

Sort of to my surprise, I managed to reproduce this. I entered "does not exist &" at the bash prompt, and the shell exited. On opening a new Gnome terminal, I was quite surprised to find that that line made it into my bash history (which suggests it's a fairly clean exit). I had another succes with "pester the system &". As reported above, the shell exit does not occur every time.

Changed in bash:
status: New → Confirmed
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Yung-Chin Oei (yungchin) wrote :

I had a look at the bash code that handles this, but there's so much conditional forking and all... really way over my head for now.

As a guidance for setting the importance of this bug (to whomever is allowed to do that), I'd say it is of low importance. I just played around a bit in gdb, and the shell will refuse to exit when there are stopped jobs, so you won't lose work to this bug (as mentioned in my previous comment: you even keep your command history).

Attached is the console output of that playing around.

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Yung-Chin Oei (yungchin) wrote :

Sorry: clarification to the file just appended with the previous comment:
I didn't type the line that says "exit", it appears as a result of trying "cats &". This is the manifestation of the bug...

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sasha1024 (sasha1024) wrote :

The same happends to me in Konsole (Kubuntu 10.4 alpha, Konsole 2.4.1, GNU bash version 4.1.0(1)-release)

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Richard G. Clegg (richard-richardclegg) wrote :

This seems to not happen in later versions of Ubuntu. I guess it got patched.

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Bill Zaumen (zaumen) wrote :

I just ran into this bug and there seems to be a path-name dependency on it showing up. In some directories it happens consistently, making it a real annoyance. If it is in fact dependent on the length of a pathname, or the form of a directory name, that might be useful in locating the cause.

Here are the commands I used (my home directory is /home/wtz ):

cd ~
mkdir -p Projects
cd Projects
mkdir Foo
cd Foo
mkdir Test
cd Test
mkdir org
cd org
mkdir bzdev
cd bzdev
mkdir ejws
foo &
[crashes? - may be intermittent ]
cd ~/Projects
cd Foo
cd Test/org/bzdev
foo &
[error message ending with foo: command not found]
cd ~
cd Projects
cd Foo
cp -r Test Test-Test
cd Test-Test/org/bzdev
foo &
[gnome terminal disappears]

It acts like having the '-' in the directory name is related to the problem, but it could just be the path-name length, directory-name length, etc. In a subdirectory of a directory that has a '-' in the file name, the bug seems to always occur. I'm using a fairly recent version of Ubuntu (10.10) on a 2-core, Intel i3 with two threads per core.

Also, it seemed there was a dependency on whether the directory the command was run with had files or subdirectories in it (which needs to be verified, of course).

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Richard G. Clegg (richard-richardclegg) wrote :

It seems this has reappeared after some absence. Don't know if bash is at fault. Anyway, in an xterm or gnome-terminal, typing

made_up_command &

Will often but not always cause the terminal to vanish which is extremely annoying!

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Jaakov (jaakov-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

I confirm the bug presence on Ubuntu Precise + some upstream packages.
bash version: 4.2-2ubuntu2.1
It is 100% repeatable and terribly annoying.
It is dependent on the path length. How to reproduce on my system:
1. Make sure that you have /usr/share/doc/texlive-doc/latex/computational-complexity, or whatever other long path, e.g., by installing texlive-science-doc version 2012.20120611-2.
2. Change into /usr/share/doc/texlive-doc/latex/computational-complexity.
3. Assuming some nonexistant command qqq, type
qqq &
into the bash shell and press Enter.
4. Observe that the bash closes. It should not.

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Richard G. Clegg (richard-richardclegg) wrote :

Good catch. I confirm that path length does seem to be an issue here. This bug has been around since 2008 now -- it's very annoying.

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Jaakov (jaakov-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

The bug does not occur on Debian with
bash version 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u3,
xterm version 278-4
and the de_DE.utf8 LANG and LC_... .
So, whoever has a chance to look for the error, take the diff...

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Jaakov (jaakov-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

I found out that though the bug is pretty reproducible on long path lengths, for short path lengths, the bug is sometimes reproducible, but sometimes not.
Test case:
1. Open an xterm with a bash.
2. Make sure that the command q is not present on your system.
3. cd / [Enter]
4. q & [Enter]

Continue doing 4. until your bash exits. I needed 66 attempts for the root directory "/" and command "qqq". With the command "q" it was 51 attempts.
The tested locale is de_DE.UTF-8 for LANG, LC_..., and LANGUAGE on ubuntu,
bash has version 4.3-7ubuntu1.3,
xterm has version 297-1ubuntu1.
Since the behavior is not deterministic on the user input, it looks like a memory corruption issue or a race. Any help?

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