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Bug #1883438: Gtk theme link_color is not being used Undecided Confirmed 84 weeks
Bug #1899994: do-release-upgrade fails with TLS inspecting proxy (if CA is not installed system wide) Undecided New 196 weeks
Bug #655998: Update Manager listing should show package names, not just descriptions Medium Confirmed 209 weeks
Bug #1343888: _get_changelog_or_news does not handle Basic auth properly Medium Triaged 522 weeks
Bug #1086548: libc-bin/libc6 inverted deps causes nss to fail and can make dpkg-statoverride explode, killing the upgrade Medium New 606 weeks
Bug #840942: set_size_request is ignored [update-manager details is one line] Undecided New 659 weeks
Bug #578593: "About %s remaining" should support plural forms Low New 724 weeks
Bug #608767: dpkg expects capital letters in DistUpgradeViewKde Undecided New 730 weeks

From: Afiefh
Link: simpleFix.patch

Bug #456523: Distribution Upgrade to karmic freezes on gtk-doc-tools Undecided Incomplete 769 weeks
Bug #442456: do-release-upgrade should check for free space in the actual paths where it's needed Low Incomplete 772 weeks
Bug #257639: E: The package cache file is corrupted E: _cache->open() failed, please report. Medium Triaged 796 weeks
Bug #342451: aufs fails for certain packages Medium Triaged 801 weeks
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