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OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote : Fix merged to networking-odl (master)

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 28479a7a946e97657a53a8f83800e8e8afdf561c
Author: Vivekanandan Narasimhan <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Jan 23 16:29:19 2017 +0530

    OpenDaylight BGPVPN Version 2 Driver

    The Version 1 driver for BGPVPN resides in the
    networking-bgpvpn repository here:

    It will be deprecated in next Openstack Pike release,
    as default will be version 2 driver for all services
    by that release for OpenDaylight deployments.

    The following will come in subsequent reviews:

    a. Full stack tests.

    b. Functional tests.

    c. Bring the delete_bgpvpn, delete_net_assoc and
    delete_router_assoc into precommit after fixing
    the base BGPVPN Plugin in networking-bgpvpn repo.

    d. Fix the BGPVPN Plugin to use the same DB transaction
    (that it uses to write to Openstack DB), when invoking
    _precommit of service-drivers.

    A bug has been raised to address both c and d
    inside networking-bgpvpn plugin here:

    Closes-Bug: #1656903
    Partial-Bug: #1632117
    Co-Authored-by: Vishal Thapar <email address hidden>
    Change-Id: I08485db8f10f15591d70474a4b8546990d4de166