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Mathieu Gagné (mgagne) wrote :

I'm trying to import 2015.1.4 tag from Nova project.
This tag also matches an existing tag: kilo-eol.

To import a specific tag, I created a temporary branch:

  git branch temp-import/2015.1.4 2015.1.4

I can import (without merge) just fine:

  git-upstream import --no-merge temp-import/2015.1.4

When finalizing the import:

  git-upstream import --finish --into local/kilo --import-branch import/2015.1.4 temp-import/2015.1.4

I get this error:

  Searching for previous import
  Merging import to requested branch 'local/kilo'
  ERROR : Failed to finish import by merging branch:
  into and replacing the contents of:

  ERROR : 'git merge --no-commit -s ours import/2015.1.4' returned with exit code 128
  stderr: 'fatal: import/2015.1.4 - not something we can merge'

I end up with those branches being created:


Instead of the "expected" branches with import/2015.1.4 prefix.