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Darragh Bailey (dbailey-k) wrote :

Working through this with the bug author identified what is going on.

When importing using a name that is similar to a tag, the present of other tags may result in a non-deterministic result from 'git describe' picking the other tag to construct the import branch name from.

Since this name is not printed during the normal execution using --no-merge before attempting to rebase the import, any conflicts will result in no message being displayed indicating the name of the import branch to the user.

Thus the user may presume the wrong name and the subsequent finish command will be incorrect and fail with a non-obvious error.

The issues contained are git-upstream:

1. Should always use the original tag name in the import -> most likely resolved by supporting importing by tags see
2. Should always print to the console the import branch being used even with --no-merge is specified
3. Should provide a better error message should the user execute the --finish command with an invalid branch/reference specified to --import-branch.