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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 8275d67949915e9b600559787cdb05bb23fdf337
Author: Shu Muto <email address hidden>
Date: Thu May 25 18:39:15 2017 +0900

    Reproduce navigations on refreshing ngdetails view

    To setup proper navigation to side bar and breadcrumb,
    this patch adds new 'defaultIndexUrl' parameter and
    its getter/setter into resource-type-service.

    The 'defaultIndexUrl' parameter makes details view
    enable to set navigations properly in Angular-side.

    Each panel module should set URL for default index view
    using 'defaultIndexUrl' parameter. So, this patch adds
    the `defaultIndexUrl` parameter into existing panel
    modules that have Angularized details view.

    Also, if query string has 'nav' parameter, the
    navigation setting will be overwitten with it.
    This URL overwriting may be used by panels that has
    multiple index panels, like images panel.

    Change-Id: I2edd44e55eb10114e5282cec1762e9635881f733
    Closes-Bug: #1746706