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In , Jeff Fortin Tam (kiddo) wrote :

With my marketing hat on:

I believe the solution is not to try to make infobars thinner or try to space out the nags, but rather to combine those calls-to-action into one infobar (that is deferred if needed, to not be shown at the same time as the read-only document infobar).

Infobars (at least in GTK) can have multiple action buttons, and the "Get involved" and "Donate" actions should be only one thing: "Contribute", pointing to a unified web landing page that takes care both of the "contribute by donating money" and "contribute by volunteering" scenarios. No need to make those separate messages.

As such, if you're going to nag every user on every new release, then my recommendation would be a single nag infobar like this:

> Welcome to LibreOffice XYZ! Discover what's new in this version, and help us future versions! [ Read the Release Notes] [ Contribute ] [X]

Clicking the buttons other than X would not close the infobar, that way they can click both buttons.

If you show three nags one after another (even on separate startups) instead, then you're just frustration-conditioning the user to close/dismiss anything shown there, and your nags lose their effectiveness.